Cozy n Safe

Cozy n Safe is a British car seat company which prides itself on “creating safe and comfortable car seats that children will adore sitting in”.  

Founded in 2006, Cozy n Safe utilise cutting edge technologies to create safe, stylish and ergonomic car seats which are designed to ensure children have maximum protection in the car. Cozy n Safe is committed to offering their products at affordable prices too, without any compromise on the quality of their products. 

The Cozy n Safe Excalibur  is the company’s most recognisable product, a well-designed car seat which features an integral 5-point harness, and can be used up to 25kg.  

Browse our range of Cozy n Safe car seats here. As well as the Excalibur, we also stock the Merlin 360Everest and Augusta.  

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